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Tartine saumoné

This dish was largely inspired by Ina Garten. She is one of my favorite chefs on Food Network. The original recipe doesn’t call for crab (or chevre), but my husband usually needs a more substantial meal than I do, so I made his sandwich with crab and salmon.

smoked salmon
sliced cucumbers
chevre (or any creamy [...]

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Poire et Nutella

This is a great snack! I stumbled upon this idea one day when I was wandering downtown Montpellier. They have a little stand by the Comedie that sells pretzels, which is a rarity in France (at least I think so). The first time my husband and I went there we had a [...]

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Peanut butter bananza!

This recipe is thanks to Paula Deen! We all love her and her delicious recipes! As far as I have read about copyrighting laws, you can’t copyright a recipe’s ingredients, just the technique. So, I am trying to give credit where credit is do and spread the love of a good recipe. [...]

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