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Vache de Chalais

This fabulous cheese is made from cow’s milk. It comes wrapped in chestnut leaves that have been soaked in white wine.
The rind has a slight blueish-yellow mold and is a little chewy. When the cheese is young, it is chalky and crumbly, with a sweet-tart tang, but when it ripens, the leaves become [...]

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Tarte aux courgettes et feta

I love tarts, and this one is super easy! Luckily, in France, they have a pastry dough called pate brisee for savory dishes, so I don’t have to worry about making my own.
Tarte aux courgettes et feta

1 pate brisee / pie crust
2 zucchinis
100g feta
salt, pepper, & basil

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FCC5: Moroccan Themed

Gougeres au fromage
For my cooking class in March, we made some Moroccan dishes. Our menu consisted of:

Apertif: Dip au parmesan, capres, et basilic (Parmesan, caper, and basil dip with endive)
Entree: Gougeres au fromage; a specialty of the Bourguignonne (Burgundy) region in France
Plat: Poulet aux olives et citrons beldi confits (Chicken with olives and lemon [...]

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