Banana Beer

Banana beer is a specialty that we discovered in Germany. You can use any Weiss beer or Hefeweissen. I like mine sweet, so I make the mixture about half banana juice and half beer. They have banana juice in France and Germany, but I do not remember seeing it in America. Try checking for it at a health food store. This is definitely a drink you will want to try!

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  1. Meri Read Says:

    Do you think you could blenderize husband bananas to get banana juice? Next time I am at the health food store I’ll look for it. What’s your hubby’s take on it?

  2. Sara Says:

    He loves it, too! If you want to try making your own banana juice, make sure to add enough water to the mixture, so that the mixture doesn’t all sink to the bottom of the hefeweissen. Andy thinks there was only about 30% banana pulp in the juice (so, you might need to add a little sugar, too). Most of the recipes I found online are for banana smoothies using 2 banana, 4 dates, and milk for two servings, but I don’t know if milk would go well with beer. Bonne chance!

    Here is a link for the banana smoothie mentioned above:

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