Pasta reborn!

Well, let me tell you a little back story on this dish. Living in France, we don’t have a lot of kitchen supplies and what not, maybe that is beside the point. But, we bought a spinach and chevre lasagna from the store. Wow, it was so delicious, and being just the two of us, we had leftovers. So, as a way to make leftovers stretch, I cooked up some Farfalle pasta and added the leftover lasagna to it (chopping it up into bite size pieces with a spatula).

In addition to that, I added a couple spoonfuls of creme fraiche and some slices of carrot. The sauce of the lasagna combined with the creme fraiche went a long way. This dish came out wonderfully! Even if you don’t have spinach and chevre lasagna, I think that any white sauce lasagna would work just as well. In fact, one of my favorite lasagnas is Stouffer’s vegetarian lasagna! It is so good and creamy.

So, turn that leftover’s frown upside down, because there are lots of ways to make new creations out of them!

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