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FCC5: Moroccan Themed

Gougeres au fromage
For my cooking class in March, we made some Moroccan dishes. Our menu consisted of:

Apertif: Dip au parmesan, capres, et basilic (Parmesan, caper, and basil dip with endive)
Entree: Gougeres au fromage; a specialty of the Bourguignonne (Burgundy) region in France
Plat: Poulet aux olives et citrons beldi confits (Chicken with olives and lemon [...]

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FCC4: Sharing the Joy of Muffins!

For my second Patisserie course, I was asked to share an “American” recipe. So, I tried looking up what were traditional American recipes and offered to make Pumpkin Pie or Carrot Cake. While Carrot Cake is not exactly American, because it has been around for so long, Cream Cheese Frosting is! Pumpkin [...]

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FCC3: Patisserie

Bouchons au chocolat
For my Patisserie class, in February, we made the following:

Tartelettes aux amandes
Bouchons au chocolat
Petits gateaux super moelleux!!!
Cakes citron graines de pavot
Moelleux coco choco

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FCC2: Minigateaux de riz aux raisins

Above is a mini rice pudding with caramel sauce that we recreated in my second French cooking class (FCC2). This dessert was very delicious and well complimented by the lavender ice cream served along side. I wish I had a recipe for both, but alas I do not yet know how to replicate [...]

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FCC2: Entree et Plat

Roule au jambon
For my second cooking class (FCC2) in January, we had:

Apertif: Crackers and nuts
Entree: Roule au jambon
Plat: Paupiettes de poisson a la moutarde de meaux
Dessert: Minigateaux de riz aux raisins et sirop de caramel

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