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Don’t “taco” with your mouth full!

Ummmmmm….., taco salad! Taco salad is super easy to make and can help ya get rid of produce before it goes bad. This is just another daily eat, so you can really make it any way you like. But, here is how I made mine.

hamburger meat

spices (cumin, cayenne, pepper, salt, etc)
Romaine [...]

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Pasta reborn!

Well, let me tell you a little back story on this dish. Living in France, we don’t have a lot of kitchen supplies and what not, maybe that is beside the point. But, we bought a spinach and chevre lasagna from the store. Wow, it was so delicious, and being just the [...]

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“The Great Zucchini”

Zucchini is very yummy and nutritious (don’t tell the kids about the second part; the first part should be told to them over and over again. Repetition is good.)! I don’t know if it is just me, but zucchini has a slightly lemon zest to it. Well, that’s what I have noticed [...]

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Poire et Nutella

This is a great snack! I stumbled upon this idea one day when I was wandering downtown Montpellier. They have a little stand by the Comedie that sells pretzels, which is a rarity in France (at least I think so). The first time my husband and I went there we had a [...]

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