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So, I have been a royal bum lately!  I started this food blog over a year ago, but I just can’t seem to commit to making regular entries.  So, I ask myself why this is?  Well, for starters, I sometimes just forget to take pictures of the food that I make.  It is not necessary to have a photo with a recipe, but oftentimes a picture can express more than words.  I could tell you how good it is or just show you a picture that makes your mouth water!

Hmm… maybe another reason that I don’t make regular posts is because I feel kind of dorky writing stories prior to my recipes.  I just want to say, “It is awesome!  Make it and you will love it!”, The End.  I personally never really read other peoples’ stories, so I don’t really want to write my own… Well, the solution I have come up with, is to just write random blog stories and let the recipes be what they are, just recipes!  :)

Hope that works for you!  We’ll see if it works for me, too!  ;)

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