My Search for Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Lyon

I have recently decided to become a vegetarian, and I thought that just because I was making a life-altering choice, it didn’t mean that I would have to stop enjoying the gastronomy of Lyon. So, I have decided to take it upon myself to search out all most of the restaurants in Lyon that are vegetarian-friendly, since 100% vegetarian is mostly unheard of in France.  I must admit, too, that I have decided to not eat fish or meat, thus my reason for a search at all, because most restaurants typically have a fish option.

*Below, I’ve starred places where I have eaten and would recommend.

Soline : Vegetarian and Organic Cuisine : 89, rue Paul Bert, 69003 Lyon Check out their menu

Toutes les Couleurs* : Organic Cuisine : 26, rue Imbert Colomès, 69001 Lyon I think this is also a vegetarian restaurant, though it doesn’t explicitly say.

*Great for a weekday lunch, because that is when it is the cheapest!

Harmonie : Vegetarian and Organic Cuisine : 141, Rue Sébastien Gryphe, 69007 Lyon For more information, check out their website

Pepperoni : Italian Cuisine : 78, Rue Vendôme, 69006 Lyon, (near Metro Foch) Check out their menu here

Check here for reviews

Sapori e Colori : Italian Cuisine : 4, Rue de la Martinière, 69001 Lyon

Check here for reviews. I don’t believe they have a website, so I am going out on a limb here to say that they are veg-friendly, because I am hoping that most Italian restos offer some sort of veg. option.

Kiozen : Japanese Cuisine : 14, rue d’Amboise, 69002 Lyon

For reviews and formules (Check out their Macrobiotic lunch on Thursdays; includes shrimp)

Crêperie du Major* : French Cuisine : 12, rue Major Martin, 69001 Lyon

For reviews and formules

L’épicerie* : French Cuisine : 2, rue de la monnaie, 69002 Lyon

*Great for a quick bite, and one of the only places that serves Pelforth de Printemps (a limited springtime beer)! I <3 tartines!

L’Antre Autre* : French Cuisine : 11, rue Terme, 69001 Lyon

*Great formules. I believe that it is v-f, but the cakes/tarts/soups change daily.

L’Impromptu Kafé* : Bar/Resto : 7, place Colbert, 69001 Lyon

*More of a bar, but they serve pizzas, tarts, and desserts

L’Arbre à Thé : French Cuisine : 4, Rue du Petit David, 69002 Lyon

A recommended lunch place with homemade desserts!

Unverified v-f restos

  • Tartufo : Italian Cuisine : 37, Rue Sainte Hélène, 69002 Lyon
  • Le Petit Grain : Vietnamese/French Cuisine : 19, Rue de la Charité, 69002 Lyon *Great desserts!

Check back with the tab I’ve created “Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants” for a more updated list.  And I would love to hear your input if you have found any hidden gems of your own!

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