Adjusting to French/Franglish

Well, I think it took me about 1-3 months to learn basic French.  A few months before moving here, we started listening to Pimsleur and one other audio French recording (which helped a lot with pronunciation and simple phrases).  We also bought some flashcards and a few dictionaries before we moved over.  I guess the first thing that I learned about was food and restaurant terminology… which helped a lot with ordering at restaurants and going to bakeries, etc.  Two of my favorite things!

Now, I am working on translating childrens’ books to help me learn new words and sentence structure.  I never went to a formal class because they are pretty expensive, but if you are planning on living here for a long time, then it might be worth it.

Other useful tools I have used for learning French include: Which offers short lessons and practice Does a fairly good job on translating sentences.  I like practicing by writing emails in French to my friends… I have also thought about writing some blog entries in French to help me put my thoughts into words more easily… but, since you don’t know French (well, maybe some of you do), I might wait on that…  >:) I have also recently joined the AVF  in Lyon.  They don’t hold formal classes, but do have 3 different levels of French conversation, and it is also a nice way to meet other people.  I was a member of the AVF last year in Montpellier, for those of you that have seen my cooking class entries.  :)   Since I am new there, I haven’t attended any cooking courses yet.  But, hopefully I will soon and begin posting some more entries soon.

I think that a lot of people in Lyon speak a little English, so I have seriously been slacking on my studies.  But, most of my friends speak both English and French, so I have been practicing with them and if I don’t know how to say something, they help me.  After a year and a half living here, I’d have to say, I am very fluent in Franglish!  ;)

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