Fete des Crus du Beaujolais: Wine Guide

We recently attended the Fete des Crus du Beaujolais in Chiroubles on the 25th of April. With over 300 vignerons, we did not get to try every bottle of wine, but we did try a few from each region. I will try to give you a little information on each wine region and any input on the wines that I tasted. But, to be honest, there were so many people at this event, I was not able to take the best of notations… :)

Our wine tasting voyage began with the Julienas region. The wines from this region have the aromas of: peach, red fruit, and flowers. Noted as, “just as enjoyable young as after a few years in the cellar”. I believe this was my favorite wine region. I was able to taste a 2009, 2008, and a 2004. Clearly, the 2004 was the best, and I found the 2008 to be good also, but was not a fan of the 2009 that I tried. When we revisited this region on our way back, I was also able to try a 2005 cuvee speciale, which was made from old vines! What a treat!

Suggested food pairing by Arnaud Chambost: Sliced Peking Duck accompanied by mango chutney with cumin or a Belgian Flemish Hochepot

Next stop, Morgon with aromas of: cherry, peach, apricot, and plum. Noted as, “a rich, fleshy, and powerful wine that improves with age”. I tried a 2009, 2008, and a 2006, finding the 2009 to be my favorite of the three.

Suggested food pairing by Arnaud Chambost: Sliced braised beef with truffle sauce and turnip chips or an English Chicken Pot Pie

The third region that we tasted was Regnie. This wine contained aromas of: red currant, blackberry, and raspberry. I tasted a 2009 that I liked very much, and I believe this to be Andy’s favorite region that we tasted that day.

Suggested food pairing by Arnaud Chambost: Mackerel tart with chopped tomatoes and cilantro or an Italian Zucchini alla romana

Next, we tasted wines from Cote de Brouilly. These wines contain aromas and flavors of: grapes and irises. Noted as, “required to age before it develops all of its’ elegance”. I sampled a 2009 Domaine de la Roche Saint Martin, and Andy tasted the 2008 Domaine les Roches Bleues.

Suggested food pairing by Arnaud Chambost: Pot-au-feu salad with grilled bacon (pot-au-feu mostly consists of beef, carrots, leeks, potatoes, and shallots) or a Thai Satay Ayam

Our fifth stop was at Chiroubles. Aromas of: peony, lilies, irises, and violets; very floral! Refined taste and also very fruity. I tasted the 2008 Domaine Armand Charvet, which was sharp upfront, but not too tannic. I also tasted the 2008 Domaine de Pre-Nesme, which I liked more than the first one that I tried. And I also was able to taste a 2006, which I found to be the best tasting of the three.

Suggested food pairing by Arnaud Chambost: Veal Osso Bucco with tagliatelle and citrus zest or a Japanese Salmon Maki

Next up was the wine region, Brouilly. These wines contained aromas of: red fruit, plum, and peach. I tasted a 2009 Domaine des Maisons Neuves and a 2006 Domaine les Roches Bleues, which I preferred out of the two.

Suggested food pairing by Arnaud Chambost: Rabbit terrine with rosemary :p I think the only french food that I do not like is terrine! It is served cold and looks like meatloaf…

Afterwards, we traveled in search of Fleurie. With aromas and flavors of: iris, violet, rose, peach, black currant (cassis), and red fruit. Here, I tasted a 2006 Domaine Bourdon.

Suggested food pairing by Arnaud Chambost: Roasted Lamb with ragout of broad beans or Moroccan Pigeon Pastilla with confit onions and cilantro

Then, we hiked up the hill to taste Chenas, which had a floral and woody body. I tasted a 2009 and a 2008 from this region, and I actually preferred the 2009.

Suggested food pairing by Arnaud Chambost: Slow-cooked pork spare ribs with simmered vegetables or Chili con carne with black rice

If memory serves me… we next went to Moulin a Vent, but it is possible that we visited this region earlier in the day… This wine has aromas of: iris, rose, spice, and ripe fruit. I tasted the 2007 Domaine du Moulin d’Eole and a 2006 Chateau Portier.

Suggested food pairing by Arnaud Chambost: Roasted Hare Filet with chanterelle mushrooms and chestnut puree or Indian Khang Koir Ka

And finally, the 10th wine region that we sampled from that day was Saint Amour. This wine contains aromas of: kirsch, spice, and reseda flowers. I tasted a 2009, a 2008 (from Andy), a 2007 Domaine des Duc, and a 2005 Domaine du champ de Violettes (my fave!).

Suggested food pairing by Arnaud Chambost: Tuna carpaccio with radicchio hearts and parmesan or Greek Moussaka

So, it looks like I tasted about 22 different wines that day! Without all of the information on the wines that I did try, it is hard to say that I will never try a wine again that I didn’t like that day, because it could have been due to the domaine or maybe the wine just needed to keep longer… But, I hope all of this info helps you out on your journey into Beaujolais and opens your mind to all the different wines in this region! So, when you are searching for wine next time, you will not just think of Beaujolais Nouveau (which has to be drunk so fast, because if not, it spoils!).

I can’t wait to visit next year’s Fete des Crus du Beaujolais, which will be held in Fleurie!!!

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