Cooking Classes Offered in Lyon

When I first moved to Lyon, I was really interested in finding a place to take cooking lessons, but had a problem searching them out. Since I have recently discovered several options, I thought that I would share the love. :)
In Cuisine : Classes are around 2-2.5 hours ranging from 35-70 euros.
Lucy’s Kitchen Notebook : Classes last 2.5 hours for 48 euros.

Make 6 small plates for 39 euros
L’atelier des Chefs 15-72 euros
25-55 euros for 1.5-3 hours respectively
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My Search for Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Lyon

I have recently decided to become a vegetarian, and I thought that just because I was making a life-altering choice, it didn’t mean that I would have to stop enjoying the gastronomy of Lyon. So, I have decided to take it upon myself to search out all most of the restaurants in Lyon that are vegetarian-friendly, since 100% vegetarian is mostly unheard of in France.  I must admit, too, that I have decided to not eat fish or meat, thus my reason for a search at all, because most restaurants typically have a fish option.

*Below, I’ve starred places where I have eaten and would recommend.

Soline : Vegetarian and Organic Cuisine : 89, rue Paul Bert, 69003 Lyon Check out their menu

Toutes les Couleurs* : Organic Cuisine : 26, rue Imbert Colomès, 69001 Lyon I think this is also a vegetarian restaurant, though it doesn’t explicitly say.

*Great for a weekday lunch, because that is when it is the cheapest!

Harmonie : Vegetarian and Organic Cuisine : 141, Rue Sébastien Gryphe, 69007 Lyon For more information, check out their website

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Fete des Crus du Beaujolais: Wine Guide

We recently attended the Fete des Crus du Beaujolais in Chiroubles on the 25th of April. With over 300 vignerons, we did not get to try every bottle of wine, but we did try a few from each region. I will try to give you a little information on each wine region and any input on the wines that I tasted. But, to be honest, there were so many people at this event, I was not able to take the best of notations… :)

Our wine tasting voyage began with the Julienas region. The wines from this region have the aromas of: peach, red fruit, and flowers. Noted as, “just as enjoyable young as after a few years in the cellar”. I believe this was my favorite wine region. I was able to taste a 2009, 2008, and a 2004. Clearly, the 2004 was the best, and I found the 2008 to be good also, but was not a fan of the 2009 that I tried. When we revisited this region on our way back, I was also able to try a 2005 cuvee speciale, which was made from old vines! What a treat!

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Adjusting to French/Franglish

Well, I think it took me about 1-3 months to learn basic French.  A few months before moving here, we started listening to Pimsleur and one other audio French recording (which helped a lot with pronunciation and simple phrases).  We also bought some flashcards and a few dictionaries before we moved over.  I guess the first thing that I learned about was food and restaurant terminology… which helped a lot with ordering at restaurants and going to bakeries, etc.  Two of my favorite things!

Now, I am working on translating childrens’ books to help me learn new words and sentence structure.  I never went to a formal class because they are pretty expensive, but if you are planning on living here for a long time, then it might be worth it.

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Overview of My Favorite Places in Lyon!

An entree from Le Fleurie

And by places, I mostly mean restaurants!  :)   My “hands-down” favorite restaurant in Lyon is Le Fleurie in the 7eme arrondisement, but it is only open during the week for lunch.  My husband and I try to eat here at least once a month!  ~15E for lunch, very gourmet and the menu changes daily!!!

I also love Les Potager des Halles in the 1ere arr near the Saone.  ~15E for lunch, ~32E for dinner.

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